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  • Small plug pack range
    up to 6VA eg: 24vac 250ma
    DC unreg. up to 5.5VA eg: 24vdc 230ma
    DC reg. up to 4.5VA DC regulated current < 500ma voltage or both eg: 24vdc 180ma
    Dimensions - W40 x L65 x H41mm
      Connector selector
  • Large plug packs
    up to 15VA eg: 24vac 625ma
    DC unreg. up to 14VA eg: 24vdc unregulated 580ma
  • DC reg. up to 12VA regulated current, voltage or both above 1Amp eg: 6vdc 2amps
    Dimensions - W52 x L85 x H52

      Connector selector
Large Plug Pack

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